Hooray Schema Markup Framework

A CDN for Hooray Agency’s advanced SEO hospitality clients.

This allows for the automated construction and deployment of an extensive and page-specific structured data framework.



  1. Talk to Jake Labate at Hooray to confirm the hotel brand’s data is assembled property and in the repository.

  2. Add the following script tag to the head of the website (globally). Ensure the type is set to module.

     <script src="" type="module"></script>
  3. Add ?domain= with your unique code at the end of the script src to query the correct structured data input map.

  4. Publish the site. Wait / refresh pages as needed. WordPress can take up to an hour to propagate header.php files.

  5. Validate the structured data with the Google’s Rich Result Test. This validator checks for client side rendered-schema.


To Do

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